Official Club Statement

After a recent internal incident came to light during the training camp in Jacksonville, a small number of Reds’ players have been found to have broken club rules and subsequently face internal disciplinary procedures.

Following a meeting of the Board of Directors, it has been determined that action may be taken against a small number of individuals, some after further internal investigations that are now underway.

Due to his involvement in a number of minor incidents recently, long-standing skipper Malcolm Alker has had the Captaincy of the club removed from him as part of the measures undertaken, other players will be dealt with appropriately.

The club has to act to instill a high level of professionalism in all players if it is to continue to progress.

The club would now like to move forward and believe this action sends out a clear signal that any breaches will be punished accordingly in order protect the integrity of Salford City Reds, its partners and supporters.

Details of a new captain for the 2018 engage Super League season will follow.
No further comment will be made on this issue.

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